What's in my bag? // Fort Myers Florida Photographer

I get so many wonderful messages asking me what gear I use, so I thought I'd make a blog post.

First off all, let's talk about what I use to carry all my gear, comfortably. When you're a portrait and wedding photographer the bag you choose is very important. I tried many bags. I have a Lowepro that I love, however it's just not pretty. I want to look professional to my clients. Then, I got a vintage looking messenger bag from Amazon. It was nice for a few months, but then I started to get more gear. After doing a lot of research I finally found the perfect bag. I LOVE my Connie + Co bag. It's so comfortable, it fits ALL my gear and then some. It looks amazing with any outfit. Click here to see some Connie + Co Bags!

I'm a Nikon girl. I always have been. I love love love my D750. When I first started out, I had a D70. When I started getting paid shoots I used a D3100. I quickly learned that I needed something better. I saved up for a D610. After renting a D750 for a wedding, I couldn't live without it. I decided to keep my D610 as back up, and my D750 as my main camera. 

Next let's talk lenses. Before you read any further you must know that this might hurt a little bit. I am messy with my gear. I'm sorry. That's just who I am. I have sand in every crevasse. I have oily finger print marks on the glass. I don't have any form of caps on them. I lay them in dirt. I toss them around. I'm sorry. At least I have UV filters on a few. 

I buy ALL my lenses used. The only lens I own that isn't used is my 50 1.4. I got it on sale for $350 at Best Buy.  

My favorite lens of all time is my Sigma 85 1.4 - It's sharp, creamy, and distributes light so beautifully through out my images. It's the perfect distance away from my clients. Not to close, not to far. The depth of field is the perfect amount of depth. It's not over the top like a 200mm f/2. It's perfect. This lens is a must have for ANY portrait or wedding photographer. I bought it used for $450 off Amazon.

My 2nd favorite lens is my Sigma Art 24 1.4 - It's sharp, fast, and a wonderful lens for moody and fun family portraits. I can take gorgeous images close up, and far away. It catches so much detail in our beautiful Florida sunset skies. It's exceptional in harsh and low light. It's great for shooting toddlers because normally I don't have enough time to back up and get in the perfect spot. The 24 helps me capture a moments on the spot. I bought this used for $550 from a BST Facebook group. 

My 3rd favorite lens is my Rokinon 24 3.5 TS. This lens isn't for everybody. You either love it, or you hate it. I think it creates moody, artistic dream-like images without much effort. I chose the 24mm TS because it was in my budget. If I could afford it, I would have purchased the Nikon 45mm TS. I do love how wide my 24 is though, and it makes it super easy to use in the city when I have tight alleys to work with. I got this bad boy used for $350.

The nifty fifty. This lens, has got to be the most underrated lens of all time. It's the perfect mix. It's always sharp, reliable, and let's face it - The size is amazing! It's so tiny! The depth of field is beautiful. All of the images of me with my Connie + Co bag were all shot with this very lens! I got it on sale at Best Buy for $350.