Why I decided to trade in my iPhone for a flip phone // Your mind is beautiful but you're not giving it a chance

A few weeks ago I got angry. Very angry. So angry that I threw my phone at a wall. The screen burst into a million pieces. Before anything else I was already using my fiance's cell phone to file an insurance claim so that I could have a new phone the next day. I've broken many, many phones. In fact, I'm pretty much known for it. That night, I was driving to a photoshoot and I got to thinking. Why are we (humans) spending so, so much money on such fragile technology that we feel like we NEED? I've simply dropped my phone while on the toilet (1.5 foot fall) and it broke. Yet, I shovel out more and more money for this device thats poisoning me. 

1 week later I was in my car driving. I saw a spider, and started to panic. All I had was of course, my smart phone within arms length. I cracked and broke my phone trying to kill a tiny little spider. 2 weeks later, I was on a boat with clients and I asked my fiance to hand me my camera bag. As he handed it to me, my phone slipped out and fell right into the lake. I wasn't sad. Worried. I felt relieved.  

We have so many distractions lately. So many social media accounts to check, and stay up to date on. We literally document our every move. Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, and the list goes on and on. Why do we need all this at our fingertips 24/7?

I've noticed that any task is now boring. Every night, I read my daughter two books, and rub her back while she falls asleep. This task would bore me. So much so, that I felt the need to scroll through facebook with my left hand, and rub her back with my right hand. Why couldn't I just enjoy watching my child all snuggly and cute in bed?

When we aren't on our phones we constantly feel as if something is missing. Something is not right. I can't eat a meal without being on my phone because eating a meal is now boring. It's boring because our brains are now accustomed to always having that phone to scroll though and provide an extra dose of entertainment.

The other night I was driving home from a photoshoot and I got bored driving. Yes. Bored Driving. I pulled up facebook on my phone and 10 seconds later police lights were blinding me in my mirror. I was pulled over for going 44 in a 25. I wasn't paying attention to the speed limit signs because I was on Facebook. I just HAD to see what I had missed for that one hour where I couldn't check Facebook.

Some might say "I run a business, I need a smart phone" my answer to that is no you don't. In fact, imagine how much better your life would be if you didn't have one. You would set work hours for yourself, and when the work day is over, it's over. You'd get MORE work done. Spend time with your loved ones. If a client email comes in, guess what? It will be there tomorrow. Those moments with your loved ones won't be. Check social media through out the day on our computer and then move on. 

What is so wrong with being lost in our thoughts? No one is lost in their thoughts anymore, and if they are they get bored. We feel the obsession of posting our thoughts, and reading others. You go to National Parks and see people using their cell phones constantly. They take an image. They post it on all social media accounts, but then they have to constantly check the comments, likes. We live off validation that our lives are cool enough for likes, and comments on social media apps. It's sad.

That's why I decided 4 days ago to pick myself up a flip phone. It's the best thing I've done in a long time.  I check facebook a few times while I'm working, and then at night I have zero distractions. My fiance doesn't have to stare at me, staring at my phone instead of talking and enjoying each other. I cherish those back rubs with my daughter. I enjoy my drives to photoshoots. Roll down the windows and think about how blessed I am. 

I challenge you to be lost in your thoughts. Your mind is beautiful but you're not giving it a chance to show what it's capable of. You're not allowing you to be yourself anymore.